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miscellaneous tidbits on marketing, advertising, and life in general



Well, Hello there.

I’m Monika and it’s really nice to meet you.


I consider myself a person without nationality: it’s just me with my name and personality (totally didn’t intend this to rhyme). Technically I am Bulgarian-born, American-educated though I grew up to what I am today in Paris (Paris, France that is).

For quite a while now I have thought of starting a blog – and there it is. Enjoy it and if you so wish, say Hello.

Here you will find my musings - little tidbits on whatnot. My job and my passion is marketing and advertising, so there will be some of that. However, you will also find the occasional restaurant/book/movie/insert-something-here review, perhaps a recipe, or anything and everything that passes through a 27-year-old’s mind.

During my life in several countries and my extensive travels I have met some phenomenal people that I am lucky to call my friends. I’ll introduce them to you in time.

My posts will mostly be in English, though if something very specific occurs, there might be one or two in Bulgarian.

You can contact me at monika[at]monikasmusings[dot]com

Et voila!

Disclaimer: Monika’s Musings is a personal blog. The opinions on this site belong only to Monika and do not represent the opinions of any of her employers.

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