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The 100 happy days challenge


One hundred happy days. Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? Do we have the time to be happy for 100 days? In a ROLL?

According to the stats on 100 Happy Days, 71% of the people who decided to try the challenge out failed, precisely due to lack of time. Despite the fact that all it takes is to snap a shot of something that makes you happy and to post & hashtag it on a preferred social media platform.

Today I saw the challenge posted on my Facebook wall by dearest friend who knows all too well how I can lose myself in unnecessary unhappiness. It reminded me of something Petya used to do, called “Good things recently” which I found to be very sweet: every once in a while, she would post on her blog a list of random things that made her happy.

That goes back to the old trick given to people struggling to find happiness in order to help them: even on our worst days, there is at least one single tiny little thing that’s good in one’s life. Could be a stray ray of sunshine on a February morning. Or a song on the radio that you loved in high school. Or the fact that this particular annoying colleague took a day off today. You get the point. When you get into the habit of recording these things (whether as little notes, or snapshots, or whatever rocks your boat), you get into the habit of seeking out the things that make you happy and … TA-DA: you become happier.

So I signed up. Right in the midst of the birthday blues. And as I am writing this, I catch myself already thinking about things that could “qualify” for the challenge. See – I haven’t even started and it’s already working – I am seeking out the things in life that make me happy.

Do YOU take the time to be happy every day?

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