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I have mentioned before that I don’t exactly have the heart of a Lion…

In September 2001 I was living alone in the outskirts of Pairs. It was the 10th of the month and I was home, probably studying, completely unaware that one of the most memorable and by far the creepiest conversation of my life was ahead of me.

At one point, the power went off. I looked through the window- the entire neighborhood had gone dark. Before I could even think that I’m scared, the lights came back on.

Then, about 10 minutes later the power was cut again, but this time just in my apartment. It was a little past 11 at night and I reached for my phone before even considering looking for a candle. I called Maria, who at the time lived in the 7th arrondisement (in the city center) and begged her to come over to keep me company because I was terrified.

Always the sound of reason, she told me I have completely lost my mind. A) It was just some power outage and I needed to stop acting like a 5-year old and b) what the hell was the point of her travelling through half the city so that we can both be in a place without lights.

Fair enough.

I was out of the apartment in no time.

Being broke and all, I headed towards the metro. At this point it was close to midnight. The neighborhood I lived in wasn’t exactly the safest place in town and there was a sketchy gang at the entrance, so I opted for a cab instead.

Once I got in, I called Maria to let her know I was on my way. We spoke in Bulgarian and that apparently interested the cabbie. He asked me where I was from and whether we were Christian. I am not one of those people who love talking to cab drivers, or any other strangers for that matter (hi, honey), so I offered a brief “yes”, hoping to be left alone.

He fired up the next question immediately, “Do you believe that people are good at heart?”.

Erm, OK, you got me there, Mr. Cab Driver. Sure. I do.

He stopped the cab and looked back at me.

“You are very wrong, child. People are bad. Mark my words. People are bad. Very, very soon, you will have proof. People are bad. Soon you will know this for a fact, much as I do.”

This went on for a while and then he fell silent.

As I was handing him a bill, he looked into my eyes and said once again, “Soon, very soon you will know.”

I told Maria what had happened and we had some laughs about how the world in general, and Paris in particular, was full of creeps.

We went to bed and I was happy we had a light to turn off.

We all know what happened the next day.

I still don’t know what to make of this. Do you?

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