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Cooking instructions, grandma style


I don’t know about you, but I spent most of my childhood summers in my grandparents’ village. To this day I am convinced I had the best childhood imaginable – I was running around all day, building castles from sticks and whatever form of cloth I could smuggle from the house, riding donkeys, driving horse carriages and eating watermelon which my grandpa would pick from the vine and smash open on the ground if we had no knife on us. Some of my favorite memories and flavors come from these days.


Over the weekend, we went to visit my grandma. Yesterday I was reading on the couch, keeping her company while she was cooking lunch and I realized (a little too late) that she is making one of my favorite summer dishes, which I have wanted to know how to make for a while. For me, the best way to learn how to cook something, is to watch the one making in and take notes on each step. This time, the meal was almost ready so that wasn’t an option, but grandma started dictating and I was writing the instructions in my phone. It went like this:


-       You chop up some garlic.

-       Yeah … how much?

-       Well… it depends on how much food you’re gonna make.

-       Erm. Ok.

-       Then you fry it in some oil and add flour.

-       How much flour?

-       Exactly as much as you’d need.

-       [Pause]. Right. Of course…

-       Then you thin it out.

-       Ok, with what?

-       With whatever you have handy.

-       A-ha.

-       And then you add whatever you’re cooking…

-       Whatever I’m cooking??

-       Yeah – you know. Chicken. Or something else.


A little later as we were eating it, I noted that the dish was (then, and every time I’ve had it) notably red.


-     Grandma, you put paprika in this, right?

-     Well of course you do. It’s red.

So there. Now you guys know how to make one of my favorite childhood meals as well!

Bon appetit!

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