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US Grand Slam: 27’808 amazing kilometers


Something absolutely amazing happened this March/April and now that enough time has passed, I really want to relive it. Since it ain’t happening for real again anytime soon, I will have to resort to vicariously reliving it by writing down a day-by-day account of the most amazing almost-1-month trip to the US of A.

I actually prepared for this by doing something I had never done before: I took notes. That’s right! I loved every single minute of our trip, but as it was quite long and packed with new impressions and emotion, I knew that they will soon pile one on top of another and I will forget the details. So, in order to avoid this, I meticulously took the time every evening before going to bed (aaalright, sometimes a day or two later) to jot down an outline of each day’s activities, which would later, together with the pictures, help me recreate all the awesomeness that we went through.

US trip notes

We had the perfect reason for the trip: the wedding of one of my dearest friends in the entire world. Which leads me to the other reason why this trip meant so much for me: like Tracy and I kept saying:   my two worlds finally collided and Vesko met the final batch of people who have shared my best years with me and who are such a huge part of me growing up into the person I am today. I truly felt that before he knew all of my closest friends, he didn’t know me completely. And now we can check this off the list. Well, almost. One remains, but sadly too too far away.

Most of the places we visited were new for me – actually all of them, with the exception of NYC, which was awesome! Another thing that made this trip as amazing is that in every place we went to, we met up with so many friends – mine, and his, and some mutual. Of course, there were even more friends that we didn’t manage to meet, but you can only do so much… Plus, I needed to secure a reason for us to do this again, sooner rather than later.

So over the coming days/months a great adventure will unveil on the pages of this little site, mainly for the purpose to be here for me to come back to, whenever I need it, as time goes by.  But if you want to come along for the ride: buckle up, my friends!

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