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Gay pride for dummies


Tomorrow will likely mark the beginning of talks about Sofia Pride 2013, which basically means that I will be reading hundresds of comments below various articles in various media and will be gazing at the screen in disbelief and hopelessness about the society and times we live in.

Amongst pure hate which I try to ignore (because I can’t understand and/or handle it), there are the regular comments stating that it is stupid to be proud that you are gay.

So let me say this: I completely agree. It is just as dumb to be proud that you’re gay as it would be to be proud that you’re left-handed or blue-eyed. It is who you are and how you were born – not exactly an achievement that elicits pride.

Being proud of not being afraid to be who you are, of being comfortable in your skin and insisting on being treated as the normal human being that you are, however is a different story. That my friends is what pride parades are about.

I for once would be proud to live in homophobia-free society. Sadly, I know I won’t, but I am praying that at least my kids will  one day.

Every year, I like to remind people of one of the previous slogans of May 17th: “Be careful who you hate, it might be someone you love.”


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