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Shaken, not stirred


Earlier this morning, a little before 3:00 AM, Bulgaria’s capital Sofia was shaken by a 5.8-magnitude quake [freakin' scary stuff].
Here’s a short recount of the events at my house:

2:57: I wake up in panic, completely confused, without an apparent reason.
A few seconds later, at 2:58: Friggin earthquake hits, I feel first the vertical then the horizontal shakes.
2:58: Vesko, who just arrived from California and is still jet lagged jerks up in bed, sees me up and asks what happened
2:59: Me: It’s OK, babe, no biggie, just a strong earthquake (Very comforting, I know …)

2:58: My mom jumps up startled, pokes my dad and says “Can you feel it? It’s an earthquake, it’s, an EARTHQUAKE”
2:59: Dad, as the building is swaying to and fro: It’s ok, nothing to worry about. (Seriously?)

3:05: We are all in the living room. Scared, worried, annoyed – a good chunk of the emotional spectrum is present. The best part is the doggy: it’s ecstatic: it is a mid-night party and it wants to play with all of us!

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