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A good one


In Bulgaria one can always spot the “new money” folks. The ones who became really rich, but somehow without working to gain their wealth. The quick-cash people who live like they are immortal and superior to everyone else.  Seems like they’re preoccupied with this very thought – that you should notice them. All the time. They always have to have the newest, the most expensive, the most flashy cars and gadgets. They talk about them loudly – just in case you have supernatural powers and failed to notice them and their shiny stuff. Bottom line: they are obnoxious and annoying. But for some reason a lot of “regular” people are awestruck when faced with this form of homo sapiens. I, on the contrary, am fascinated by the quiet and modest wealthy people; the ones who do not identify with their money alone, but actually have a lot of interesting stories to tell you if you’re there to listen. 

And since today is a nice sunny day which seems to call for story sharing, here’s one of my favorite stories:

A few years ago, a couple of us were in Brussels for a friend’s wedding. Since the wedding wedding was scheduled for a couple of months later, we were there – just a few friends – for the “official” part.  At night, when the formal program was over, we went to a bar in one of the nicer hotels in Brussels with the newlyweds and the bride’s father. From what I know, the dad could have easily bought the hotel if he wanted to. Come to think of, he may have actually owned it. I had never met him before this day but I knew of him: he started from scratch and did really well for himself – he was one of the most respected and wealthiest businessmen in the city. To add to that, he was one of the kindest and most modest people I had ever come across and also an adoring father. When we sat down in the bar, the waiter obviously recognized him and flew to our table to take the order. The conversation went like this:

Awestruck waiter: Good evening, Sir. What shall it be, Sir.
Supercool dad: And a good evening to you. A cognac, please.
Awestruck waiter: Yes, Sir. What kind of cognac, Sir? [he was Sir-ing way too much, I tell ya]
Supercool dad: A good one.
Awestruck waiter: For you, Sir, I have the very best cognac, Sir.
Supercool dad: No, not the best one, thank you. A good one. 

I was so impressed, I will remember this story for as long as I live.

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