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On the treadmill


Holy cow, it HAS been a while!

In my defense, my summer was so cool and eventful that I almost forgot the admin password for my own blog. Then I had problems with my beloved pink VAIO and more precisely with Sony’s “customer care” (quotation marks intended to show sarcasm). Two things I know for sure: 1) I shall probably never buy a Sony product again and 2) my next laptop will finally be a MacBook.

The thing is, I love, love, love writing. And going to the gym. There is one main similarity between the two: once I get into it I can’t stop. But it is so damn hard to get into it in the first place.

So once again, I shall make a silent promise to myself to hit the treadmill – both on and offline. Let’s see how far I get this time.

The new peer pressure


So, smoking was bad enough, but at least it was straight-forward: you smoke – you’re cool; you don’t – you’re healthy (but definitely not cool). Up to a point, that is.

In the era of new-age communications the newest form of peer pressure is the infamous Facebook “like” button. What do you really like?

I have a friend who posts something, likes her own post, then comments on it and likes her own comment. With depressing regularity. Some “like” everything that goes on their wall. Others give the thumbs up for pretty much every single post their friends have  (including stuff like “I am having such a crappy day” and “my dog who was totally my best friend in the world just died”). Seriously … every so often (read: at least once a day) I feel like screaming What exactly IS it that you like about that, dude???

Tonight I saw a new high/low: Bogomil Bonev, who was one of the finalists in Bulgaria’s X factor edition (or one of his PR peeps) posted on his page “Good evening. :*” – you know the *simple* kiss sign, without even bothering to include the hyphen. Within seconds – literally seconds!! – that got 609 likes.

Granted, the boy is polite, but does that really deserve all that hype?

I often find myself wondering whether I will offend someone by not liking their post. You know, people have been known to get offended by far less than that. But it leaves me wondering … What do YOU like on Facebook?