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Bulgaria, take care of your own!


My friend and former classmate Dimiter Kenarov was arrested in Belarus because allegedly he has lost his identification papers. He’s been held since June 29th and Bulgaria’s ministry of foreign affairs is … taking its time. According to recent news, they want to extradite Dimiter with a police escort without granting him the right to be accompanied by anyone from the embassy to a (not specified) border of Belarus (once his laissez-passer has finally been delivered – hopefully tonight). And again, our officials seem to be fine with this. The ministry is asking that this does not get out in the media. And for the most part the media oblige…

Dimiter was not alone. He was with an American friend of his, who was released less than 24 hours after the arrest.

And people wonder why I lack patriotism…

As for now, I am just praying that Dimiter comes home soon and in good shape. And (once again) I am feeling ashamed of my country’s lack of … well, you name it.

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