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Seeing is believing


I’ve always been a sucker for good marketing events. An event is much more difficult to pull off than it actually seems. And very very rarely you have cases which combine a great technology with an awesome event idea. So rarely in fact, that I would actually travel to Belgium just to see this.

You can count on Samsung for all of the above (state-of-the-art technology, awesome event idea and flawless execution).

If you’ve seen this already – watch it again. It is that good. If you haven’t seen it … I am slightly jealous, cause watching it for the first time is quite an experience:

Augmented reality ftw!

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End of year-ish resolutions


1. Update blog more.

2. Seriously, update blog more!

3. Upload music to iPhone. ABBA is cool, but just ABBA doesn’t cut it.

4. Learn how to use Corel Draw.

5. Find out what the correct pronunciation of Corel Draw is.