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My favorite Easter story


When I lived in Paris every Easter we went to this wonderful Russian church in the 19th arrondissement. It was quite an experience since the area around the church was somewhat ghetto-ish and it was almost a magical experience – after walking with fear of being mugged (the Eastern Orthodox mass starts around 11 o’clock at night) – to see it all lit up, standing on the top of a hill like something out of a fairy tale.

One Easter, a British photojournalist was there to cover the event and she was standing right next to Maria and me. The priest was really something – he looked like Santa Claus on Prozac. He was walking around, thrusting the incense burner at people, saying Christ has risen. At one point he saw the photojournalist who was taking pictures in a very serious manner, thrust the incense burner in her direction and said Uluibaite (which in Russian means “smile”.)

Her jaw DROPPED.

Maria and I, seeing how truly shocked she was asked her why she reacted like that. She looked at us in dismay and asked Did HE just say, “I want to bite you????”

Happy Easter to all!

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