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Xmas craze


Today, while smoking, I was making small talk with one colleague I don’t know too well. We started to chit-chat about the upcoming holidays and I shared with him that I am already stressing out about my Christmas shopping. Especially now, that I will have to do it all in Hungary.

See, I love, love, love Christmas. And every year I want to get my loved ones something that they would reaaaaaally like. So come October, I start fretting about it – and I usually don’t do much (but fret) by December 20th …

He looked at me with childish bewilderment and said But it’s really easy for you. You’re in Hungary now – so you can get everyone a salami roll and some Balaton wine.

Right. Though I can totally picture myself handing out salami with a joyful Merry Christmas cheer, that conversation still did not do much to relieve me from the gift-shopping stress. But it did get me thinking…

Petya is asking for Bulgarian-related gift ideas (if you have any, that are subtle, yet charmingly Bulgarian, drop her a line). I guess I am just asking – how much importance do you place on your Christmas gifts?

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“Xmas craze”

  1. On December 1st, 2009 at 2:14 am petya Says:

    I care about presents A LOT. I don’t need them to be big but I need them to BE. It’s just so sweet to imagine people picking stuff out for you and I love doing it for my friends and family. Our American family does stockings and we have a lot of fun finding small, inexpensive items that are usually related to inside family jokes. Kyle’s stepdad has trouble distinguishing purple from brown and last year we found him a set of both purple- and brown-toe socks. Too perfect.

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