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Gotta try it once


I am a firm believer in fully exploring the culture of the countries which you visit/live in. And in my book, food is a big part of a nation’s culture.

There is a wonderful Christmas market right in front of my office building. While shopping for hand-made beauties, you can also grab a quick bite.

Today my colleague Vera, fully aware of my eagerness to try everything that is typically Hungarian, suggested we have our lunch out in the market. She also told me what she had in mind which produced quite a laugh in the hall to the dismay of colleagues who passed by.

So at 12, we went down and here you can appreciate the looks of incredulity on Vika and Masha’s faces while Vera is telling them what we are about to eat.


And this is me. About to try – for the first time in my life – rooster balls in tomato sauce. I kid you not.

Now, frankly, I am having second thoughts about placing this post under the Tasty Treats category. But what the hell.

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