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6 little things


Phoebe is my favorite “Friends” character. I love her for being wonderfully oblivious to “real life out there” and for being so fond of the little things that surround her. On my favorite Phoebe moments was when she was wondering how to break the news to her brother that he will have triplets. I don’t know if you remember, but her opening line was You know how you see three people walking next to each other on the street and you think to yourself “Oh, that’s nice!” That sentence right there captures Phoebe’s magic for me.

I am happy to join a blogging meme Petya invited me to which reminds me of Phoebe. Here are 6 little things that make me really happy:

1. Pink

I spent the most part of my life with an aversion to pink. I even remember one day my friend Mirela called me, shocked, and said Mon, Hanka just spent 500 euros on PINK! I nearly gagged though I had to admit pink looks awesome on Hanka. Anyway, some three years ago, overnight, pink turned from my lifetime aversion to a borderline obsession. I can’t help but smile every time I am confronted with it (and that includes total strangers on the street wearing pink). Three out of four of my favorite gadgets are pink/have pink on them


2. My two favorite bookmarks

I read all the time. When I was a kid I used to spend all my summers with my grandparents in a tiny Bulgarian village. And the fact that I constantly read – literally while walking on the street and eating – used to piss them off. In a good loving way.  Years later, I am still like that; there is always a book within arm-reach. And the two things that make reading even more enjoyable are my two favorite bookmarks – both a gift from very dear friends.


3. Bartending

As a Bulgarian student in Paris I had to take what little jobs were available to secure some extra cash. Teaching English, babysitting, the likes. My favorite job of all was bartending. I used to work at school parties, at receptions, illegally at British pubs. There’s nothing like having a tired client walk in the pub at the end of the day, wishing to have his/her favorite drink. And you make it perfect. And you watch them enjoy every single sip of it. Pure bliss.

4. My bed cover.

bed cover

It was love at first sight. I saw it in a store and immediately planned the design of my room all around it. The colors make me smile every day.

5. First days of spring

What gives me a blast is watching how people dress. At a traffic light you will have the impatient ones in tank tops waiting to cross the street next to someone who is still in their winter coat.

6. Staying up really late on Fridays.

One thing I am definitely not is a morning person. I have the wost time waking up every single day. But one thing that makes me really happy is staying up ridiculously late on Friday nights. No matter how tired I am, I’d keep myself awake – watching TV series or reading a book – just because I can and there won’t be an alarm clock the following day.

Technically now I should tag 6 people to participate. Since I am doing this a month late and most people have done it already, I am going to tag only three: Andreas (cause he needs urging to write more), Elissaveta (cause I am sure she will have a really hard time narrowing her choice down to 6 things and I am curious) and Toni whom I don’t know personally, but whose writing I always enjoy.

To the he rest of you: please make my day by telling me which 6 little things make your day here in the comments’ section.

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7 Comments to

“6 little things”

  1. On August 14th, 2009 at 11:43 am Gina Says:

    I must say Mon, it was quite hard…and I figured since I know you but don’t know you well you’d enjoy knowing my six things like I did yours!

    My Six:

    1. I’m going to have to start with “Friends” as well but for a completely different reason. As a teenager, I hated that show with a passion but since living overseas (nearly 11yrs!) it reminds me of home so I can now tolerate it. Upon meeting Zdenek, my husband, my feelings towards the show have gone from tolerate to love! I love watching Zdenek watch “Friends,” he laughs so sweet while watching and he loves Joey. He laughs so innocently and passionately that I have to laugh as well!
    After noticing his strong love for the show while on a visit to the US I bought him the box set! He had a smile from ear to ear when he opened his present! We started watching the series from the beginning and we’ve just passed the part where Monica and Chandler get engaged!

    2.Dachshunds aka weiner dogs or sausage dogs

    I love dogs! But nothing makes me smile more than a sausage dog! We’ve had two in our family both named Scooter. My Dad said it didn’t matter if they had the same name, personally I think it was easier for him to remember! Unlike in the States, in Paris and Prague the sausage dog is quite popular! I know people say they aren’t real dogs but I have to disagree~how could you not love them!

    3. Feeding Friends and Family

    I love having guests and I love cooking for them! I must admit I get a bit stressed out at times but seeing people really enjoying my food makes my day! Tomorrow friends are coming over for Indian! My first go at samosas :)

    4. Sleeping in my Bed with Clean Sheets after a Shower

    Ok, this is a bit weird but I love the feeling after a shower to sleep in clean sheets! It makes me so happy and relaxed. I often ask Zdenek right before we go to sleep, “doesn’t it feel great?!” He usually just laughs at me and calls me a weirdo :)
    I totally recommend you try this!

    5. Children’s Playground

    Going to the children’s playground always makes me smile and forget my worries. If I’m upset about something that is where I go. I love that they have nothing to think about except having fun!

    6. Surprising People

    I love to surprise people! This weekend I’m going to surprise Zdenek with a new bike, an early birthday present! Just the thought of seeing his face makes me so excited!

    Mon, it would be nice if you surprised me and came to the AUP reunion in Praha :) hehehe

  2. On August 14th, 2009 at 12:04 pm monika Says:

    Gina, awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your little things – they made my day! :)
    I would love to combine 6 and 3 – to surprise you in Praha and try your samosas :) . I promise I’ll love them :)

  3. On August 14th, 2009 at 3:21 pm Darya Says:

    I have an hour before I go home for the weekend and can’t be bothered to do any more work :)

    1. Mornings
    Ha! The opposite of you :) I used to be a super morning person, as I’m sure you remember. Not so much anymore, but the days like today where I am up early enough to have coffee, breakfast and skim the paper without stressing are fantastic and really make my day. I only live a 5 minute walk from work, so I really should have lazy mornings everyday…

    2. Sunshine
    Being from LA makes it very, very difficult to live in Scandinavia. So I appreciate every day that the sun shines and that it is not gloomy, cold and dark.

    3. Tea
    I love drinking tea. Any kind, any time. There’s a tiny tea and coffee shop on my street that sells the greatest tea blends and it feels good to support one of the few remaining non-chain stores.

    4. Mail
    I love opening the mailbox and getting mail. I have a whole drawer full of stationary that I don’t use often enough. And postcards are one of the greatest things in the world to send and receive.

    5. Good Food
    You have to eat it to live, so you might as well make it as good as it can be. :)

    6. My husband
    He puts up with me. Nuff said.

    The positive thing about doing this is that I had a hard time choosing only 6. There are so many things that make me happy, and it is good to be reminded of how lucky we are and how good the little things are in life. As Guillaume Apollinaire said (I think), “every now and then in the pursuit of happiness, it’s good to pause and just be happy”.

  4. On August 14th, 2009 at 3:29 pm monika Says:

    I totally agree with you, Dar – we are lucky. I also had a hard time picking just six.
    Send me you mailing addres :)

  5. On August 17th, 2009 at 2:34 pm Gina Says:

    Can I get a postcard too!? I have to agree with Darya…that is one of my top things as well…I love going to get the mail…unfortunately, there is usually nothing but bills!
    Rabasova 1386/2
    27401 Slany
    Cz Rep

    ps. You’d be my first from Bulgaria!

  6. On November 27th, 2009 at 5:45 pm Mirela Says:

    After reading all the wonderful 6 little things that others have written I guess I will have to add mine now too :)

    And Moni you like pink now……god I would never guess, what happened to baby blue? We need to catch up and soon!!!!

    So lets see:

    1. I love fall when the leafs are changing colors. Don’t get me wrong, I love worm weather, sun and beach more then anything and I love snow and the purity of it when everything is covered in white and when you get a chance to sit by a cozy fireplace, listen to the fire cracking with a good book in one hand and a nice cup of something worm in the other, but I still must say that fall prevails and that is primarily due to its colors and the the smiles and happiness that brings in people.

    2. I love Christmas!!! I love holidays in general and I know that most people hate the Christmas songs payed over and over in every department store in NY but even that can’t dampen my mood when it comes to holidays. I love finding that perfect little something for each person that means so much to me and seeing their smiles when they unwrap it. I also love the city when all decorations are up and every little place is light up and becomes magical even for a little while…gosh I sound really childish but I can’t help it :) Also, there is some kind of cheer in the air that makes people happier and it makes me smile in return to see them happy.

    3. I love late nights but I also love early mornings. I love when I woke up early and don’t need to rush anywhere so I can make my cup of coffee, go out on our roof-deck and watch city and its inhabitants slowly rise from that wail of darkness and quietness. I love watching sunrise and listening birds chirping away their morning songs in the distance….

    4. I love cooking and having my loved ones over for dinners. Justin and I just moved to a bigger apartment and finally after so long I have a room that is designated for a dining room :) I have enough space and built in bookshelf’s to even bring all my books from our storage bin that we had shipped from Paris!! That means my cook books are finally coming home :)

    5. I love waking up next to my husband. He makes me feel safe. I still have nightmares and they get really bad sometimes and every time they turn unbearable and real I have learned to reach out for him and in a way he calms me down and brings me back into reality.

    6. I love going home. Every time I get to go back to Bosnia and visit all the places I use to as a child brings back memories and peace to me that in a way it feels like I get rejuvenated and recharged to continue living. Yes, that also involves climbing a cherry three…..

  7. On December 8th, 2009 at 8:43 am Andreas Says:

    So I haven’t read your blog for a month and found this post just now. I’m no Thanksgiving-y person, so I couldn’t come up with 6 things if I tried, but at least I’m posting more on my blog now ;)

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