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6 little things


Phoebe is my favorite “Friends” character. I love her for being wonderfully oblivious to “real life out there” and for being so fond of the little things that surround her. On my favorite Phoebe moments was when she was wondering how to break the news to her brother that he will have triplets. I don’t know if you remember, but her opening line was You know how you see three people walking next to each other on the street and you think to yourself “Oh, that’s nice!” That sentence right there captures Phoebe’s magic for me.

I am happy to join a blogging meme Petya invited me to which reminds me of Phoebe. Here are 6 little things that make me really happy:

1. Pink

I spent the most part of my life with an aversion to pink. I even remember one day my friend Mirela called me, shocked, and said Mon, Hanka just spent 500 euros on PINK! I nearly gagged though I had to admit pink looks awesome on Hanka. Anyway, some three years ago, overnight, pink turned from my lifetime aversion to a borderline obsession. I can’t help but smile every time I am confronted with it (and that includes total strangers on the street wearing pink). Three out of four of my favorite gadgets are pink/have pink on them


2. My two favorite bookmarks

I read all the time. When I was a kid I used to spend all my summers with my grandparents in a tiny Bulgarian village. And the fact that I constantly read – literally while walking on the street and eating – used to piss them off. In a good loving way.  Years later, I am still like that; there is always a book within arm-reach. And the two things that make reading even more enjoyable are my two favorite bookmarks – both a gift from very dear friends.


3. Bartending

As a Bulgarian student in Paris I had to take what little jobs were available to secure some extra cash. Teaching English, babysitting, the likes. My favorite job of all was bartending. I used to work at school parties, at receptions, illegally at British pubs. There’s nothing like having a tired client walk in the pub at the end of the day, wishing to have his/her favorite drink. And you make it perfect. And you watch them enjoy every single sip of it. Pure bliss.

4. My bed cover.

bed cover

It was love at first sight. I saw it in a store and immediately planned the design of my room all around it. The colors make me smile every day.

5. First days of spring

What gives me a blast is watching how people dress. At a traffic light you will have the impatient ones in tank tops waiting to cross the street next to someone who is still in their winter coat.

6. Staying up really late on Fridays.

One thing I am definitely not is a morning person. I have the wost time waking up every single day. But one thing that makes me really happy is staying up ridiculously late on Friday nights. No matter how tired I am, I’d keep myself awake – watching TV series or reading a book – just because I can and there won’t be an alarm clock the following day.

Technically now I should tag 6 people to participate. Since I am doing this a month late and most people have done it already, I am going to tag only three: Andreas (cause he needs urging to write more), Elissaveta (cause I am sure she will have a really hard time narrowing her choice down to 6 things and I am curious) and Toni whom I don’t know personally, but whose writing I always enjoy.

To the he rest of you: please make my day by telling me which 6 little things make your day here in the comments’ section.