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What’ya got in the bag there


At the last Marketing Innovation Forum Martin Lindstrom talked about knowing your audience and making ads they will relate to. Now I know this sounds like the usual ad seminar babble, however, he gave specific examples. One of them was toothpaste ads that feature people brushing their teeth in the shower. Turns out only 4% of the people in the world do that (I’m actually one of them). But the ad doesn’t really speak directly to the other 96% and there, my friends, we have a problem.

Now I really wonder what demographic do these type of ads speak to?

Your average human being? I mean, if you were to go see your son’s performance, why wouldn’t you throw the detergent with which you wash his clothes in your bag? You know – just in case someone falsely assumes he’s got a new shirt on his back … WTF??? There’s another clip that features two hot chicks in a night club. Sure enough, they are roommates and one of them has a bottle of detergent in her handbag. In a NIGHTCLUB for crying out loud. Next time I go out, I’ll be sure to toss my detergent in with the other essentials for the night. Which reminds me not to pick up the 3-liter pack – for logistics’ sake.

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