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Souvenir FAIL


Two weeks ago I bought a souvenir from London.

It looks like a teapot:


It feels like a teapot:


But is it a teapot???


Nah! See, the genius who designed the teapot forgot to drill a little hole for the liquid to flow out.

Best paper weight I ever bought!

Recession Fashion


I was quite amused to learn of an emerging fashion trend - the Recession beard.

Apparently, as men loose their jobs, they loose the motivation to shave every morning and start grow beards.

P&G are quite unhappy about this – turns out Gillette sales are going down.

What were you thinking?


Today I received my first copy of Advertising Age (despite the fact that I subscribed for it for an entire year, I got nothing for the first three months). I quite enjoyed it, however, it turned out to be yet another marketing magazine where in every second article someone says something along the lines of “Now that we are in a period of a financial crisis, companies really want to see results for every penny invested in marketing and advertising”.

I just cannot help but ask … Really??? NOW you expect to see results? What were you thinking before the crisis? Let’s keep spending a couple of million each year just because it’s there?

And if people are really that dumb why am I not a millionaire?

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