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Eurotrash. Literally.


I am completely outraged! 

This is a shot I took with my phone while coming back from work:


I am not sure you can appreciate the depth of it, but it is about 7-8 meters. And this pile of crap is right in front of the building of the Bulgarian National Television.

I don’t much understand politics, and quite honestly, I don’t care to. And I don’t give a damn if this is some perverse form of pre-election campaign, but for crying out loud, I do not want to live in a city like this! A European capital at that! 

Shit like this does not stop agencies to request millions of governmental money to advertise Bulgaria though. Sure! Елате ни вижте!

Guess who’s back


I am happy to report that nagging works and that the KFC Boxmaster is back by popular demand. I am waaaay far from thinking that this had much to do with it, but at least collective complaints brought a popular snack back on the menu. And, needless to say, everyone at the KFC where I went today was ordering the Boxmaster. 

It makes my day to see that some companies make mistakes, but are willing to listen to their customers and correct those mistakes in good time.

Radio advertising


A conversation over lunch a couple of days ago:

G: Radio advertising in Bulgaria is SO boring and dull!

M: BS! I can list 10 brilliant radio ads!

(Five minutes of silent chewing)

M: Nah, I can’t. You’re right. Radio ads suck big time.

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words. But I wonder is the lack of a picture the thing that hinders creativity? Or is it laziness?

For the record, the count stopped at 4.

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