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O’nice. SO nice!


Lo and Behold!

Great news for the bagel lovers  in Sofia. I found a fantastic little bagel place (thanks, Trayan!) right in the center of the city. O’nice offers the real thing – not the Dunkin Donuts crap, mistakenly called bagel. The place is small and very cozy, the food is divine: a great choice of bagels (more to come in two to three weeks), a tea selection that will satisfy the most pretentious of you out there, real good coffee (Vesko says) and smoothies! Also, as any self-respected place nowadays would, there is wireless Internet available.

Chris, the owner, is Irish and he would come by, say Hi and make sure everything is fine. They also offer frozen bagels to go – you could take one, six or a dozen – and you can make your own selection.

I know I’ll be there often! And I definitely recommend it!

And for those of you who want to experiment with food – here you can find an easy recipe for home-made bagels.


P.S. Here it is, your random fact of the day: March 23rd is the international day of meteorology.

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