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Communicate with your audience


All the marketing gurus tell you it is really important to communicate with your clients/audience. The dialogue between a brand and it’s customers is not always an easy task, especially when huge companies with clients in the millions are concerned.

Last night, I witnessed a pretty good example. I went to a James Blunt concert without being a fan. Actually, I only knew two of the guy’s songs – and two others without realising they were his songs. And somehow I found myself standing, dancing and clapping the entire night.

A new brand introduced itself to me and did it quite vividly. A quick eye’s sweep could tell you that most of the people (except a tiny, but dedicated teenage crowd) had gone to the concert to simply check it out, without being fans. But James was great! He dived in the audience, ran around the entire place, high-fiving everyone who was within reach, talked in between songs and at the end he did something that really took me by surprise: he took out his camera and took a picture of us! Seemed to work for everyone – the crowd was ecstatic. Simple gesture, yet brilliant. I bet all of us can learn something from this young British dude, dressed in a suit and tie.

No, I am not going to run out and buy a CD. But I would definitely be more attentive next time his name comes up in the news. Well done, kid!

And today’s random fact: It is Brunei’s national holiday today. Cheers guys! (I know – and I bet so do you – at least 50 people wondering where do they send a CV to be the sultan of this fine country)

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