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The coolest subscription


A couple of days ago I stumbled upon a tiny shop for socks in my neighborhood. I was greeted by the nicest guy, who was helpful beyond belief, insisted that I have a candy and his business card – in case I found myself in dire need of a subscription for socks…

Wait? What? A subscription for socks? I kid you not, it’s true.

This definitely scored very high points on my coolness radar. They actually propose different types of subscription: personal, business, luxury, etc. They deliver to any door you choose (be it your home or office), at any date and time you prefer. And the delivered socks are half off (you also get a free trial pair).

And get this: this service is only available for men’s socks. And only in Bulgaria; sorry guys.

Otherwise the shop carries women’s socks as well. And they even branded their little packs (in Bulgaria you should be lucky to get a black nylon bag if anything):


Just how cool is this? Check it out.

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