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Gimme a good laugh and some salsa


The Super Bowl ads have become almost as big a thing (if not bigger) than the game itself. A lot of discussion is always reserved for them. And there is nothing surprising about this, given that many ads premiere on the Super Bowl and some are made only to be aired once – during the game.

David Ogilvy was never a fan of humor when it came to advertising. He couldn’t understand why you would want to make your customers laugh [at the product] if you wanted to sell it. Do not joke about your product he advised. [Do not sing about it either - he hated jingles].

I happen to disagree. Since no one dares dispute the fact that advertising is a lot about emotions and even though most people will swear they make rational decisions when it comes to buying, on a subconscious level they actually make an emotional call, I am most happy to see a funny ad. What I have never accepted and probably would never accept though, is humor for humor’s sake. I agree the joke probably shouldn’t be on your product, but if it is related to the product and if it brings out a laugh, chances are your customers will smile when they see your product on the shelf.

As we know, however, no rule is good enough unless it has at least one brilliant exception.

So here it is – my favorite Super Bowl ad of this year:

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