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Is good


My friend and former roommate Andi was very much into playing computer games when we lived together in Paris like a gazillion years ago. I remember one of my favorite ways to spend an easy Sunday was to watch him playing GTA. Andi is one of those lucky few who combined a hobby of his with work – he went on to be employed by Blizzard – in the tech support team. As this job can get very repetitive, we often joked about how he could spice it up. For example

1) Talk to people who have a technical problem as if they had an emotional one:

Poor person with a tech problem: Hello! I cannot see my character for some reason.

Andi: And how does that make you feel?

2) Talk to people Yoda style:

Andi: Hello. Blizzard tech support you’ve reached. Andreas I am. Problem you have. Help you I can.

And so on …

One day Andi came back home with a story that stuck with me. There were two ways to contact tech support – you could phone or fill out an online form. And in order to submit it you had to fill out loads of information before you get to the field in which you state your problem. Story short: it takes a lot of time to submit this form.

So one guy had meticulously filled out everything and then in the problem filed it said Is good.

Since Andi and his colleagues could not leave the form unattended, they sent an e-mail asking the guy to elaborate a little bit – did he need help with anything, was there something malfunctioning, etc. An answer came back soon: No!

Given people’s tendency to only bitch and provide negative feedback I was so impressed with the fact that someone went through a lot of trouble despite his limited English to share that he was happy with the product he was using!

Now I work at an institution which is generally disliked. And this is despite all of the efforts of a very talanted Marketing department and two fantastic creative agencies who day and night put their heart and soul into improving the institution’s image. But nonetheless, I have my own Is good-client. Every Christmas I get a letter from an old guy in a small Bulgarian village who writes to infrom us that he has been our client ever since we exist and could he please receive as a gift our calendar and an agenda (around Christmas time companies here exchange advertising merchandise – mostly agendas and calendars – and ours are particularly cool). I’m guessing our branch in his village does not pay too much attention to him (who pays any attention to poor pensioners who do not have the potential to bring you loads and loads of money anyway?), so he has to write to the headquarters. And needless to say, each Christmas, despite the laughs that the letter gets, I send him a package and a personalized holidays card.

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2 Comments to

“Is good”

  1. On February 12th, 2009 at 8:14 pm Andi Says:

    I never knew you had a blog. Now I do.

    Is good!

    Also, goat.

  2. On February 12th, 2009 at 9:00 pm monika Says:

    Goat right back at ya!

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