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Better than a sleeping pill


At college amongst other things that kept me busy (from which my liver is still suffering just a bit), I managed to squeeze in a film minor. The result  actually was that this guy ruined the pleasure of watching movies for me… He was and still is one of the best professors a student could hope for, but for just about every movie (perhaps with the exception of Pulp Fiction) he used to say “It doesn’t work!” This phrase stuck with all of his students – and indeed most of us today are way too critical to enjoy a film.

Naturally I have trained myself not to analyze movies as I watch them. However, despite all my efforts I simply cannot understand the fuss about The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Jon Stewart sums up my feelings best:

13 nominations? Gimme a break! Honestly, with this movie I set a new personal record: I managed to fall asleep on it for 5 consecutive nights. I get the whole nostalgia thing, but puh-lease! Watching an elevator descend for what felt like half an hour … In my humble opinion the movie belongs to the age when 3-minute TV adverts were OK and people had nothing better to do with their free time.

On that note I am going to try and finish it now. Wish me luck!

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