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Hello World!


“Hello World!” is a post that automatically publishes on your blog when you use the WordPress platform. I believe the first thing that everyone does is to delete this post since it’s just a generic one. At least I did.

But on a second thought I have decided that there should definitely be a Hello World post. (And that it totally makes sense for it to be the fifth one.)

These two words are so innocent and simple, yet so symbollic and exhiliarating! When you see them on your blog-to-be it feels like the first gulp of air that you get when going out of a deep dive. I know it’s too early still, but I think I can say for sure that having a blog is fantastic.

And it is so easy to set up, too. Especially when you have WordPress and a fantastic boyfriend who tames computers and makes them behave like kittens! :) (all I had to do here was sit and watch Vesko work his magic). At the beginning there is some sort of online stage fright (will anybody read it) and some pressure to deliver (will I really have anything to say), but I am assured it gets so much better. I truly believe it does and I cannot wait.

So Hello World! and thank you Vesko, Petya and Maria for the help and inspiration!

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