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Let your employees in on the promotion “secret”


About a year ago the UK coffee chain – Costa Coffee opened its first coffee shop in Bulgaria – in the building next door to where I work.  Costa is relatively expensive, but it does serve really good coffee – everyone said – in huuuge cups which is always so nice. Of course they have the mandatory takeaway.

Since I am usually late for work and I literally run into the building every morning, I hadn’t yet had time to try it. One day, however, we (my wonderful boyfriend Vesko who drops me off at work and I) managed to get to my office building about 15 minutes before I was supposed to be at work, so we decided to grab a cup of coffee.

As we walked in we saw a big-ass poster which declared that mornings (until 11) the large cup is at the price of a medium one. Let’s say arguendo that a large cup costs five euros and a medium is three.

So I go up to the lady at the counter and ask for a large cup – and if I could please have it for the price of a medium one. No, she says: it costs 5 euros. Patiently, I point to the aforementioned big-ass poster and again request a large cup at the price of a medium one. Patiently, she says no again. It costs 5 euros. At which point I am already very annoyed and I explain to her that if there is a poster that announces a promotion – large cup at the price of a medium one, then I want my large cup at the price of a medium one (It is naturally a question of principles, I would have paid the 5 euros, but I try to stick to my customer rights whenever offered the chance.) To my surprise, the chick is even more annoyed than I am when she tells me that had I ordered a medium cup, I could have had a large one for the same price – that’s how it worked. At which point I do something that surprises even me: Instead of asking for the manager and giving him an earful, I pay for my coffee and step aside waiting for Vesko while murmuring under my nose that I am going to tell all my friends and colleagues – who give you loads of business you know, cause we’re next door -  not to come here for their morning fix.

So Vesko steps up and asks for a medium cup of coffee. The bitch politely asks “Would you like to have a large cup for the price of the medium you ordered, sir?”.

And I make a mental rule never to set foot at Costa’s.

Which rule I break all the time, cause they really have good coffee …

But for Christ’s sake. If you own a business, train your employees not to piss the hell out of your customers!

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