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Age is Love


So, today is my favorite day of the year – my birthday.

Petya discussed the matter of a woman’s age here.

I just want to add that I think age is beautiful: the older you are, the more you have said and heard “I love you”. Nothing beats that.

Happy Monika day :)

Crisis creative


There has been a lot of talk recently on how to change a brand’s advertising strategy during times of financial crises. I’ve been hearing the term crisis creative a lot these days …

A professor of mine once told us a really cool story: he asked one of his colleagues who was a marketing manager for a huge company how does he succeed in putting out the greatest and most effective ads especially during times in which customers change so often. The guy replied: Most of the people look at what’s changing and try to use it in advertising. I look at the values that never change and use them in my communication with customers.

I happen to think this is one of the wisest opinions I’ve come across. Especially in times of crisis when people a reconsidering their priorities, one needs to address the values which nobody will ever abandon. Here, I just saved you thousands in research money :)

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The power of fat


I have a confession to make: I am really troubled by Dove‘s new advertising which followed from their positioning “For the real women” / “real beauty”.

As a whole, I admire their idea to give a little self-esteem boost to all the girls and women out there. Absolutely nothing wrong so far, on the contrary a very noble thing to do. What troubles me though is the fat girl with the orange hair (unfortunately I couldn’t find the videos that I have seen with her) in all of their TV ads that followed from the new positioning.

Now before you jump at me, I want to say that I enjoy a stronger force of gravity than your average 27-year-old girl. However, this chick really bugs me because I know for a fact that she is in the ads not because Dove consider her beautiful, but because she is fat. It is so obvious that I find it cheap and annoying. And it doesn’t work for me – probably doesn’t work for you either. When it comes to advertising – I do want to pretty happy people with shiny hair and perfect skin.

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