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KFC giveth, KFC taketh away


One thing I am definitely not is a health freak. I very much enjoy a good burger (with a pint of beer of course) or some real greasy chicken. The latter makes me a devout fan of KFC.

Even my 11-year old sister knows that promotions are a powerful marketing tool, especially for a new product’s launch. But in order for promotions to work you’ve gotta do them right.

This summer (and a very hot summer at that) KFC launched a new sandwich here in Sofia – a match made in fried chicken heaven – the ingredients of a Tower burger (the essential thing here being a hash brown), however in a wrap. It was also their biggest burger – launched under the slogan “It’s here to make you full” (Той е тук, за да те засити). The packaging was just right – fun(ky) and also very convenient – for the first time you could eat something that big and not have it spill everywhere. Excellent name: the Boxmaster. And despite the 40 something C temperature outside, most of the people were ordering it throughout the day.

You could imagine my surprise when one day, on a very short lunch break in September, I ran to KFC and without looking at the menu I asked for a Boxmaster, only to find out they weren’t offering it anymore. When I asked why, I was told that it was a limited time promotion, and – No, they weren’t going to have it ever again.

Now I really fail to understand which marketing genius’ plan was that… You introduce a really good product at the worst possible time for it, nonetheless sales skyrocket and despite its undeniable success you decide not to offer it. Ever again?!?

It just drives me insane when I see people loose business and sales opportunities like that.


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